Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Football Season has begun

Life has not been all sunshine and roses lately... but it has definitely been






This past weekend, we were able to visit Austin's Granny and Grandaddy in Gainesville, Florida. As a professor at UF, Grandaddy makes sure that Austin has plenty of Florida spirit. We had so much fun at last week's tailgate party. I even had fun although I am definitely rooting for my own Florida State this year! Florida State, Florida State, Florida State! Whoo!

The strangest part of this weekend's tailgate - a live alligator (look closely). The woman carrying the gator had his mouth taped shut with black electrical tape! Craziness!



The Mrs. said...

thought of you three times this week: 1) ate at el matador for the first time since you, me and aj met there a year ago, 2) i saw UF playing this weekend on ESPN and I thought about how you were in FL, and 3) two of my students are considering FL schools: one UCF and the other UF.

All three of these thoughts made me stop, think about you, and pray. I hope you and aj are doing well. you are missed.

DT Boy said...

I am happy to see that Austin is being raised correctly when it comes to Florida football and whom to cheer for. It would have been a complete travesty to have him following that dreadful school to the north. :)