Friday, September 16, 2011

Train Wreck

I promise to write more of Anderson's story soon! I wasn't trying to create a cliff hanger, I honestly just didn't want anyone to get bored reading the whole story in one sitting :)

I have not written any more this week, however, because my house is a train wreck.




and since I have a personal rule that blogging will never take away from my time playing with these guys, I have been busy.


More of Anderson's story coming soon.

Until then, please continue to read my dad's blog and keep praying for our family!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Anderson's Story


Oh, there is so much to tell about our precious baby, Anderson. I don't know where to start with this little one's story... Perhaps I need to just start at the very beginning.

It was almost a year ago today... I had just recently finished my comprehensive exams in Dallas, Texas, for my PhD work; and I was in a great mood. I was done studying. I was done writing (for the moment). James, Austin, and I had enjoyed the summer together and a new school year was fresh underway. I was teaching PreK across the hallway from Austin's class, and James was really enjoying his new career.

I thought that something might be different, however, so...

I took a pregnancy test and it confirmed right away what I already thought in my heart.

We were going to have a baby!

... and I will be honest, in those moments, I was completely overwhelmed.

We had been praying for several dear friends who were battling infertility. James and I were in the process of rebuilding our own marriage. We no longer owned a home. I was just about to start the dissertation phase of a PhD. My sister-in-law had just discovered that she was pregnant (and I didn't want to steal any attention away from that news).

I will never forget telling Austin that I needed a few minutes of quiet time and allowing him to watch a movie in the living room. I slowly walked to the master bedroom and shut the door. I sat up on our bed and immediately began to pray. "Lord, are you sure? Is this your plan? How am I going to tell James? What is James going to say?"

And over and over again in my mind, I could only hear one verse, "I will restore what the locusts have eaten."

"Lord, will you work all of this out?"

"I will restore what the locusts have eaten."

"God, will you prepare James' heart for this news."

"I will restore what the locusts have eaten."

No matter how many questions I asked or how fervently I prayed, this one Bible verse kept replaying over and over in my mind. It is from Joel 2:25. It says, "I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten."

Here is how another blogger describes locusts: "A few years ago, I watched a TV program on wild locusts and the way they destroyed everything that stood in their path. With devastating effect, they descended upon a field of corn. Within half an hour the swarm wiped out the entire field of corn, leaving nothing but a vast wasteland."

and another writer says, "Locusts! Have you seen what they can do? They can literally decimate a crop in minutes. Rendering whole villages , farmers and their families without food or income. Can you imagine the pain and stress that having your livelihood taken away like that brings? Having your crops destroyed may create a struggle for your very survival."

I can relate. For those that don't know our story, James and I have faced our share of locusts in recent years. Locusts that left us without jobs, without income, without a home, and hanging on by only strands at what was left of our marriage. My dad continues to battle a terminal illness and everything that I had counted on for security was gone. I was in a struggle for my very survival...

The locusts had eaten. They had ravaged. They had destroyed.

And then we found out about Anderson.

To be continued...


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Five Months!

I wasn't planning to take a five month leave of absence from my blog, but it was a much needed break. We have been busy. Each day of the past five months deserves a blog post all in itself, but I need to start living again in today, so I will just do a quick picture summary of some of the key events from the past five months.

As each day passed, I continued to get bigger and bigger with pregnancy!

and so did my sister-in-law, Sharon.

We spent as much time as possible in Clearwater with my dad - who is still fighting his battle with multiple myeloma.

I kept teaching with some of my favorite people at Sonshine Day Preschool

And as a family we tried to visit Disney as much as possible before our summer black out dates set in.


Austin and Mommy ready for the school's spring program!
Austin and I participated in the Spring program at school

And Austin turned Five Years Old! (His cousin, Andrew, turned six)

My nephew, Riley was born, and mom and dad went from four grandchildren to five!

I received the package of a lifetime from my dear friend, Amber... and finally felt prepared for the arrival of our new son!

We celebrated Easter

and decided that since life wasn't busy enough we might as well buy a new home.

And then, ON MAY 20, 2011, we gave birth to our son, ANDERSON!!!

Austin meeting Anderson for the first time with his Aunt Kendra (James' sister).
And from their first meeting, Austin and Anderson have been the best brothers!

Austin graduated from PreK

And we celebrated as a new family of four (Anderson two weeks old!)

At Anderson's two week appointment, we discovered that his newborn screen showed he carried at least one recessive gene for cystic fibrosis.

So, as we celebrated life, we also entered the world of constant doctors appointments and genetic testing.

Anderson continued to grow and gain weight (for which we were all so thankful)

I had some precious visits from some of my oldest and dearest friends


And with the help of our church family, we moved into our new home! I couldn't have done it without them.

We enjoyed the final days of summer before school started again...

Austin started Kindergarten and I was offered a new job...

and we finally received the news of Anderson's dna testing.

But those are all stories for tomorrow...

Hello again, Blogger. It is good to be back.