Thursday, December 3, 2009

December is Here!


Austin has been thrilled about Christmas this year. THRILLED! Every morning he runs out of his bedroom to be the first one to turn on all of the Christmas tree lights. He says "Good morning" to all the characters in the manger scene on the foyer table before he is ready to start his day. And he has been singing. My, how he has been singing. As a mother, I must say that his rendition of "Jingle Bells" is the best version I have ever heard in my entire life. Austin doesn't remember the end of the song, so he starts singing the words "Jingle Bells" over and over again going up and down with his voice...

I am particularly grateful for two beautiful newborn nieces this holiday season. There is something about having a newborn around that makes you recognize Jesus' birth in a tangible way around the holidays.


Last night, I was even able to explain the story of John's birth a little easier to Austin. "Jesus had a cousin named John - Just like Avery and Megan are cousins and they are both newborns!" Oh, can't you just imagine all of Mary and Elizabeth's feelings of love for their two newborn babies!

A few weeks ago, I asked Austin why we celebrate Christmas.

SANTA! was his very eager and energetic reply. Oh, boy... I thought to myself.

Instead of the normal three books at bedtime (since he is three years old!) Austin and I have started doing our own Advent activities before bed. We open a door on our advent calendar, read a story leading up to the Christmas story (hence, the story about John's birth), and then talk about Jesus' birth.

Yesterday, we were riding in the car and I decided to ask again. "Austin, do you know why we celebrate Christmas?"

"It is to celebrate Jesus' birthday!" I heard him proudly declare from his car seat.

"That's right." I said, beaming with pride that my son understands the true meaning for the holiday.

And then... I heard it... almost in a voice too low for me to hear - as if talking only to himself.

"And because we love Santa..."

Oh well...

May your holidays be filled with sounds of Christmas and lots of talk about Jesus!



Two Shades of Pink said...

These pics are precious! And I especially love your Jesus vs Santa discussion. Same over in this household. Here is my scenario...Cati, do you know why we celebrate Christmas? Answer: PRESENTS FOR MEEEEEEEE!

Well Cati, we actually celebrate Jesus' birthday. Response: My birthday will come again soon, right?

Oh dear.

SouthAsiaRocks said...

That is a great post!!
That last picture is AWESOME!!!!!!!!