Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My (almost) Teenager

Yesterday, James and I celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary! 7 Years!!! Whoo Hoo. If you know our story, then you can only imagine that we decided to spend the day celebrating... Celebrating all that the Lord has done in our marriage over seven years (but particularly celebrating his grace and mercies that have been new for the past year).

I want to write a blog post about our marriage on another day, but we are headed out of the house in just a few minutes for our family celebration dinner tonight. (Mom Q's birthday, our anniversary, and Dave and Kendra's anniversary will all be celebrated with a big family dinner tonight at Dave and Kendra's house).

So, before we head out the door, I had to share this picture of Austin from last night.

We were on our way out the door for dinner, and Austin grabbed my car keys. The years flashed before my eyes and suddenly he looked 16 years old asking to borrow my car.


He is growing so quickly


I want to push pause


Because Austin at four-years-old is one of the absolute joys of my life


So, even though my anniversary flowers were absolutely stunning...


the best part of our seven year marriage (besides being with my best friend) is having this little person around who is such a blend of his mommy and daddy!


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Becky said...

i like austin's bracelets in the first photo...they are a fashion statement all their own :) i miss you guys soooo much and can't wait to catch up when i get back. i'm so excited for you as you celebrate your 7th wedding anniversary...you are my favorite! tell james to have a starbucks with 7 sugars on me and i'll repay when i get home :) love you!