Saturday, September 10, 2011

Five Months!

I wasn't planning to take a five month leave of absence from my blog, but it was a much needed break. We have been busy. Each day of the past five months deserves a blog post all in itself, but I need to start living again in today, so I will just do a quick picture summary of some of the key events from the past five months.

As each day passed, I continued to get bigger and bigger with pregnancy!

and so did my sister-in-law, Sharon.

We spent as much time as possible in Clearwater with my dad - who is still fighting his battle with multiple myeloma.

I kept teaching with some of my favorite people at Sonshine Day Preschool

And as a family we tried to visit Disney as much as possible before our summer black out dates set in.


Austin and Mommy ready for the school's spring program!
Austin and I participated in the Spring program at school

And Austin turned Five Years Old! (His cousin, Andrew, turned six)

My nephew, Riley was born, and mom and dad went from four grandchildren to five!

I received the package of a lifetime from my dear friend, Amber... and finally felt prepared for the arrival of our new son!

We celebrated Easter

and decided that since life wasn't busy enough we might as well buy a new home.

And then, ON MAY 20, 2011, we gave birth to our son, ANDERSON!!!

Austin meeting Anderson for the first time with his Aunt Kendra (James' sister).
And from their first meeting, Austin and Anderson have been the best brothers!

Austin graduated from PreK

And we celebrated as a new family of four (Anderson two weeks old!)

At Anderson's two week appointment, we discovered that his newborn screen showed he carried at least one recessive gene for cystic fibrosis.

So, as we celebrated life, we also entered the world of constant doctors appointments and genetic testing.

Anderson continued to grow and gain weight (for which we were all so thankful)

I had some precious visits from some of my oldest and dearest friends


And with the help of our church family, we moved into our new home! I couldn't have done it without them.

We enjoyed the final days of summer before school started again...

Austin started Kindergarten and I was offered a new job...

and we finally received the news of Anderson's dna testing.

But those are all stories for tomorrow...

Hello again, Blogger. It is good to be back.


A.M. Mama said...

Even better to have you back!!! YEY!!!!! Love all the pics!

Two Shades of Pink said...

This was such a wonderful update for all of us! I knew a lot of it but never saw pics of your new beautiful and full of such wonderful new beginnings and warmth. So excited you are back too my friend!

Sandee said...

Emily, for the last several days, I have thought of you many times, so of course, I checked your blog--something I haven't done in quite a while. Imagine my surprise to find you'd taken a 5-month break, and my delight to find you'd made your first post in five months just two days ago!! My mom would say our "ESP" is working. :-)

I knew you were expecting a boy, but I didn't know exactly when. Anderson is beautiful!! Oh my goodness! (My boys always corrected me--"Handsome, Mom. Handsome! But I called them "beautiful" anyway, much to their chagrin!)

You left us hanging ... I'll be checking back regularly to read what you will post about Anderson, your dad, and a hundred other things.

bruce said...

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