Wednesday, October 29, 2008


*** The identities of children below have been altered to protect the innocent.

A caution to all preschool parents: Your children repeat what they hear at home.

Overheard today at school: If _________ doesn't become our next President then we are all going to be in big trouble. I mean BIG trouble! (4 years old)

Overheard in the home living center: I'm just going to sit right here in this rocker, why don't you go out and buy me some cigs. (4 years old)

Last night in my own home: "Mommy, you have a naked booty!" (Austin, 2)
This is what Austin yelled to me as I walked around the house in a towel after my shower. Oh, I am going to hear stories from my child's teachers!!!

Now I want to hear from you! Tell me your funny "repeat" moments from your toddlers!

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mom2drew said...

Oh my goodness, this is better than that Quaker chewy granola bars commercial they used to have ("Chewy stops the chatter"). I'm still cracking up about the "cigs".

Um...let's see, the other day I began to correct Andrew about something. He turned around and said, "Don't you EVEN get mad at me, mommy!" Oh boy!