Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm back - I think...

It came out of nowhere... a big obstacle...
feelings of such hurt,
a desire to become secretive,
not to let anyone know anything else about my life

A lonely path,
one I needed to walk on my own.

And then I chose another path,
throw that hurt off the road

and enjoy the journey...

"Lord, we are all going to have moments of hurt. Moments when we don't want anyone to know anything about our lives because it just feels safer to not share. Thank you, father, for being completely trustworthy. Thank you, Lord, for being able to remove the ancient boundary stones and the places long ago devastated. I pray, Lord, that you would protect our family in the days to come and that you would help us to fully accept and love all of those around us. Please use us for your ministry, Lord, all of us - James, Austin, and especially me in the days to come."