Friday, February 13, 2009

Still Here... Valentine's Day for under $10

I know that today is Friday, and I am behind on my Phonics Lessons for Fridays! I have not forgotten about you. I am in classes this weekend for my PhD seminars, so I have been trying to write a paper, read some textbooks, and do all the stuff that I should have been doing for the last month.

I promise to catch up soon on my blogging.

In the meantime, however, I wanted to share some quick ideas for Valentine's Day for under $10. That's right - under $10 for both the hubby and the son.

Austin first - I went to Walmart and bought a cute valentine's bucket ($1), then I bought 4 containers of playdough ($4). Put them in the bucket with some tissue paper and he is done!

Then, I had to come up with something fun for James. Here was my idea after walking through a dozen stores and not having any luck finding that perfect gift. James loves hot sauce (yes, hot sauce) and we have been out of hot sauce in my house for quite some time. This man loves his meals hot! So...

I went to the grocery store and bought about 6 bottles of fun hot sauces (about $5), put them in a brown paper bag with red construction paper coming out to resemble fire, and wrote...

I am so glad you are my valentine. You are smokin' hot!

Trust me, the cornier in my house, the better. I don't get away with buying those sweet, sentimental cards for my man. No, he is getting a construction paper heart that says, "You are smokin' hot!" I am so classy, I know.

Maybe your man doesn't like hot sauce. What about grilling? Buy him a steak from Kroger and write, "Baby, you light my fire!" Trust me, if I try to make my man laugh, I have won his heart.

Okay, too corny for you. Here's another. Fill your house with hearts (construction paper ladies). Tape them on your walls, your bathroom mirror, your shower door, etc. On each heart write one thing that you love about your husband. Make one heart a little larger than the others and on it write.... "You give me a heart attack!" Too much? Maybe, but he'll remember it, and I promise it will make him smile.

So... to all my friends who wrote on your facebook that you just bought your husband a 68" tv with full surround sound that only plays football games over and over... your husbands are going to be jealous. James is getting some hot sauce!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Mom2Drew said...

Thanks for the great tips! Is it too late... David's at the gym for about an hour... I'm off to either cut out some construction paper hearts or see if I have some steaks in the freezer! Nothing like waiting until the last minute.