Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pink and Blue More Pink

We are still counting down the days until my two nieces arrive!

All I know is that Avery and Megan are going to be the best dressed little girls East of the Mississippi. And if I ever have another child, I am going to hire all of Jenny's friends to throw my shower. Because, these ladies in Florida know how to party!

Fruit Kabobs

Lady Finger Cake


Cupcake Tower

Apple Cheesecake

Diaper Bag

Our "pearl girl" - Megan


Two Shades of Pink said...

Look at me! I made your blog, I made your blog! I feel like a celebrity!!!!! Not only that, but my dessert and gift made it. Wow. I must say I feel pretty special. And you are an amazing picture taker! And you must tell me what camera you use becasue my pics look horrendous. But you do have a gift...I so need a lesson in leaving one sentence comments.

Mom2Drew said...

Wow! the pictures did turn out great. I cannot seem to figure out how I missed out on, like, half those food items. Didn't get the fruit, didn't get the lady finger cake either! Hmm...Guess I was too interested in the bean dip - YUM!

Thanks for posting pics!