Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Precious Moments in Our Family

On Sunday, we celebrated a wonderful family day at the baptism of my sweet niece, Avery.


My brother and his wife attend a Lutheran church close to their home and asked both sides of the family to join them on their important day. From the moment we entered the doors of the church, the people opened their arms to greet our family. From the music to the liturgy to the baptism service itself, the entire day was a precious time for our family to spend together.


Avery Grace is our "miracle girl," and we are honored to stand by her parents as they raise her. We desire to be a help, a constant source of support, anything you need at a moment's notice. In short, we desire to be what God created us to be ... family.


Perhaps at no other time has my family understood what it means to support, to love, to stand by each other's side. What a precious time to welcome Avery to our family.


In other news, my dad has a blog! Can you believe it??? Well, actually, Jenny and I convinced him that he needed a blog during this time of his life. He is recording his journey to cancer at

"A Cheerful Heart is Good Medicine"

Please click on the link above and leave my dad a comment. I know that your words are so encouraging to him during this time. He is so deeply loved by all of his family!



Anonymous said...

Emily, Thank you for keeping up with your dad blog. I left a comment on it. Our prayers are with you all,as you travel this journey,and seek God dependence on all his testing and what he's going throug. Love you. Odette

Sharon said...

That was a really sweet blog. Thanks!