Monday, January 25, 2010

The Wardrobes

I ran by CVS this morning to have some pictures developed. About an hour later my sister went to pick them up. "Oh, I have been waiting for you!" the photo assistant cheerfully said when she saw my sister. "Your last name is Q___, right?" My sister just stared at her. She was so pleased with herself for having remembered my face. "you have a great memory," my sister said. "But that was actually my sister you met earlier today.

Such is the life of being 18 months apart from your big sister.

Yesterday, we had a precious day celebrating the baptism of my niece, Avery. I had my outfit not only picked out - but on my body. A cute little dress I bought several months ago. As I walked out the door, I yelled to my parents, "give me one minute, my dress feels a little short. I am going to throw on pants." As I saw my sister walk into the church an hour later I shook my head in disbelief. It was a good thing I changed, for in walked my sister in the exact same dress I had on only an hour earlier. We would have looked like 32 year old twins. Awesome.

Such is the life of being 18 months younger than your big sister.

Jenny and I also share a photo account right now. It just makes sense for us because our children are normally together and the pictures reflect them all. Imagine my delight when I opened my photo account online this morning and found...

Mom's Camera 2009 2010 094

and this

Mom's Camera 2009 2010 181

and this...

Mom's Camera 2009 2010 168

Please, dear Lord, if I have another child, let it be a girl. After all, someone needs to inherit this precious girl's wardrobe.

I think it is only fitting for me to be the recipient. There are some benefits to being only 18 months younger than your big sister.

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Mom2Drew said...

hahahahaha! and just think, if you'd waited until this afternoon to post this, you would have been able to include that we posted the exact same FB status within 15 minutes of eachother.