Sunday, January 2, 2011

Enjoying Every Moment

On New Year's Eve, we woke up late and then went over to the Q's house to meet up with James' family. We had decided to spend our day shopping, and it was soon determined that we would head to Micanopy for lunch and antiques.


Micanopy is a quiet little town known for its antique shopping and its debut in the movie "Doc Hollywood."

Our little family spent more time taking pictures than shopping, but I had a wonderful day with my boys (and in-laws)!




We had the best time just swinging our feet, soaking in the sunshine, and enjoying the days together before we all head back to work.

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Karen said...

Loved the pictures! Glad that you have had some great family times during the holidays! Kept looking for a baby bump. Baby Q's not taking up too much space, eh??? Love you, happy new year, friend!