Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Many Moods!

Today I Feel Silly: And Other Moods that Make my Day
By Jamie Lee Curtis

Have you ever read a children’s book to a two year old and realized how much it spoke to you? Tonight I felt that way and thought I would share the words with YOU!

(It is long – remember it’s a book, but it is so good!)

Today I feel silly,

Mom says it’s the heat.

I put rouge on the cat.

And gloves on my feet.

I ate noodles for breakfast

And pancakes at night.

I dressed like a star

And was quite a sight.

Today my mood’s bad.

I feel grumpy and mean.

I picked up my room.

It still isn’t clean.

I forgot to feed Franny and water the fern.

And the cocoa I’m making is starting to burn.

Today I am angry.

You’d better stay clear.

My face is all pinched

And red ear to ear.

My friends had a play date.

They left me out.

My feelings are hurt.

I want to shout!

Today I am joyful.

My mood is first-rate.

My friend’s sleeping over,

She said she can’t wait.

My freckles are popping,

The sun is so bright.

I ran in the relay with all of my might.

Today I’m confused,

My life’s getting hairy.

Sam says he’s my boyfriend

But he also likes Mary.

My mom told my father he might be a dad.

I might get a brother.

I’m not sure I’m glad.

Today I am quiet,

My mom understands.

She gave me two ice creams

And then we held hands

We went to the movies

And then had a bite

I cried just a little

And then felt all right.

Today I’m excited

There’s so much to do.

I’m going to sell cookies

And lemonade too.

I’m starting a club

To go clean up the park.

And I’ve got a big crush

On my teacher named Mark.

Today I am cranky

So nothing seems right.

I have diarrhea

And broke my new kite.

Mom died her hair orange

My dad shaved his beard

My tooth came in crooked

This family is weird.

Today I am lonely.

I feel so small

My auntie’s away

I wish that she’d call

My mom’s working late

And my dad has the flu.

And although I’ve got stuff

I’ve got nothing to do.

Today I am happy.

I’m walking on air.

I’ve learned how to knit

And to French-braid my hair.

I did my first solo

In hip hop and jazz

This day’s been so great,

I am full of pizzazz.

Today I’m discouraged

And frustrated – see?

I tried rollerblading

And fell on my knee.

I really want straight hair,

But mine’s curly-q.

Should I cut it or grow it?

Oh what should I do?

Today I am sad,

My mood’s heavy and gray

There’s a frown on my face

And it’s been there all day.

My best friend and I had a really big fight

She said that I tattled

And I know that she’s right.

Today my mood’s great,

It’s the absolute best.

I rode a two-wheeler

And passed my math test

I played soccer at recess

And we won the game

I sang in the show

And my parents both came.

I’d rather fill silly,

Excited or glad,

Than cranky or grumpy

Discouraged or sad

But moods are just something

That happens each day.

Whatever I’m feeling

Inside is okay.

We are trying to teach Austin that all of his feelings are okay. His reaction to these strong feelings, however, needs control. For example, he is allowed to feel frustrated, but he is NOT allowed to take both fists and hit mommy in the face and then scream at the top of his lungs.

College ladies – let me ask you a question. How are you feeling right now?

Did you know that all of your feelings are normal? It is how you handle your emotions that matters. Did you know that most young adults don’t learn how to properly manage their strong emotions (fear, anxiety, and depression) until late in their college experience. This lack of proper emotion management is the reason that mental health disorders, self-injury, and suicide are on the rise among the college population.

Have you ever handled strong emotions in an inappropriate way?

So how do we learn how to properly handle our feelings?

Let me give you a personal example. I have an anxiety disorder. I wasn’t diagnosed until shortly after Austin’s birth (post-partum brings out all kinds of fun emotions). When I asked my mom to raise Austin until he was 16 because I didn’t know how to feed him, mom told me it was time to see a doctor.

So there are times when I feel anxious. Then I read Philippians 4:6-7, “Do not be anxious about anything.” “Great,” I tell myself. “Now I’m anxious and ungodly.”

So, I continue reading the verse.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests before God.”

My favorite word in this verse is underlined. Yes, the word is but! In the Greek, this word is literally translated “nay, rather, yea.” Basically, this is what it means. When I begin to feel anxious, I literally have to tell myself, Nay! (or no, when I don’t feel like talking in Shakesperean style). And then I say, Yes – to prayer.

The verse then says that “by prayer.” This word actually has two meanings. Prayer literally means talking to God, but it also means finding the “quiet place.” The NT readers would have seen this as literally going to the synagogue to meet with God. When I begin to feel anxious, I need to go to the quiet place alone with God. I literally need to find that quiet place. It may be my shower, a car ride, or under my covers, but I need to find that place of meeting.

Where is your quiet place to meet with God?

Paul tells us to use both prayer and petition. Petition means seeking God. Don’t just hide under your covers (if that is your quiet place), but find God there. One writer says that petition is “the heart’s conversation with God.” Do you ever feel like your heart is having a conversation with God? I find that this normally happens in my life in these times of extreme anxiety. Isn’t’ it wonderful how God made prayer?

I love the following verse. Philippians 4:7. “And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guide your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

Did you catch the beautiful conclusion of our prayer and petition? The Peace of God. Literally this is “a state of tranquility; an “exemption from the rage and havoc of war.” Anxiety is a war in my mind, but when I say NAY!, find a quiet place with God, and have a heart-to-heart conversation with Him, I find peace.

Today, I pray for you to find peace in the midst of raging emotions (sadness, loneliness, or anxiety).

By the way, Austin didn’t move in with my mom and I learned how to feed him. The funny thing is – he eats just about anything.

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