Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Sweet Boy

We have started a new week of school and Austin has been doing very well adjusting back to life at school. He is so cautious about trying new things. He will often look at me with big eyes before he will try any new thing. I often have to tell him, "It's okay, Austin, you can eat that muffin." or "you can do it, Austin, say that new word." His teachers told me today that in order to get him to leave the room for "specials" they have to tell him, "It's okay, Austin, your mom says that you are allowed to leave the room."

I cannot help but wonder if Austin has inherited his caution from his mom. I have lived my life with such a degree of safety and rule following and I cannot help but wonder if his uncertainty is genetic. I want to raise my son to live life to the full and yet I am grateful that he is patient and cautious, wanting to always please his parents and his teachers.

"Lord, I thank you that Austin is patient and cautious in his decision making. Please use his caution to build wisdom in his little heart and mind. Help him to always take the time to think before acting, to weigh the consequences before making decisions. Do not allow him to live in fear of life and help him to boldly approach not only your throne with confidence, but also the life that you have laid out for him."

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