Monday, March 16, 2009

My First Official Day of Spring Break

Ahhh... I love Spring Break. That needs to be emphasized. I LOVE Spring Break! Especially since James said that this year for Spring Break we would vacation here...

Bora Bora!

Yes, James and I talked about spending Spring Break lounging out on that deck in Bora Bora, but then decided... "no, we would much rather just hang out at home and taste gourmet olives at our new Kroger." Sorry, Bora Bora, maybe next year.

Some of the benefits of Spring Break:
- I am not lesson planning! This was one of our lessons from last week. Can you tell what we were doing during our cooking lesson?


Do you need a hint?


We are still on our Dr. Suess unit, so we were making Cat in the Hat hats:) Our icing didn't quite turn red... but let me tell you. Pure sugar on Nilla wafers... my four year olds didn't seem to mind.

Several things need to be done this week...
I have papers to write
and the house desperately needs a good spring cleaning
i could also organize the garage

instead, I think that I will blog, go to Ikea, and maybe find those left over nilla wafers and some icing...

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