Sunday, March 15, 2009

Prayers from my baby's heart

When did my baby become a little man?


Austin, you have such a sweet spirit even at two! I am so blessed to be your mom. Everyday this week when I picked you up from school, you have said, "So, mom, how was your day?" My sweet Austin, every single day that I have been your mom has been the best day of my life!


Last night we were praying before bed and this is what you prayed, sweet boy...

"Dear God,
thank you for this day.
I hope [sic] you pray for mommy and daddy and Austin.
Help mommy and Austin to have sweet dreams.
In Jesus name.

Then you opened your eyes, looked up at me and said, "Mom, I think that you need to pray now!"

I prayed and then you said,

"Mom, you are such a good pray-er."

Austin you make me laugh out loud! When did you grow up???

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Becky said...

ohh i miss him so much...i can't believe how big he is getting and sad i don't get to see him everyday!! thanks for posting always brings a smile to my face :o) i miss you guys!!!