Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter and Lots of Jellybeans!

Easter 2008

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Today at church we celebrated Palm Sunday - the week that Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey while the people shouted "Hosanna!"

As we drove home from church today, I asked Austin about his day.

What did you learn at church today, AJ? I asked.

Mmmm... I'm not sure. The number nine? he responded (and since they learned the number nine at school on Friday, he wasn't far off).

Did you learn about Jesus riding into town on a donkey, and the people waving tree branches? I questioned, trying to spur his memory.

Mom, they were waving palm branches, not tree branches!


Somehow today, Austin also managed to pull a chair into the pantry. Climb the chair to reach the jar of jelly beans and hide them in his bedroom.

I found him this morning, hiding behind his bedroom door, eating jelly beans.

He looked up at me with wide eyes and a huge look of guilt.

In the moment of catching my two-year-old with a mouth stained of pure colored sugar, I reacted by banning him for eternity from eating jelly beans. Never again, I said. You disobeyed mommy, and you cannot eat jelly beans anymore.

Watch what you say mom!


Only a few hours later, I was tempting my son to use the potty by using that same jar of jelly beans!!!

What kind of mother am I???

One that knows how to get her kid to use the big boy potty. Twice tonight! Yes, twice! He used the big boy potty!

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Mom2Drew said...

WooHoo! Potty training is in full force. So glad that you're using sugary treats to bribe him. They always worked better for me than the sticker chart did!

Can't wait to see you guys soon!