Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Dr. Suess... Rhyming Required!


Early in March
Dr. Suess turned fifty.
"We should celebrate," I said.
The response was, "nifty."

What should we do
To make class time more fun?
We could read some books...
We could go for a run.

"No, that would be silly,"
Miss Spencer replied.
"Let's have a class party!"
"GREAT IDEA!" I cried.

We'll need some streamers
And a big birthday cake...
One with the Cat in the Hat.
One I don't have to bake.

The kids should make crafts...
Become the Cat in the Hat
"What? I need a picture?
Oh man, don't I look fat?"

It is all in the fun
Of teaching preschool
Next year, celebrate with us
Our class is so cool!




MommytoAJ2 said...

You're awesome Em! I love this!!!

Mom2Drew said...

This is GREAT! So creative, sis!