Saturday, April 4, 2009

Socks, Shoes, and Things in the Bottom of your Purse...

It has been busy around the Q house. Here are just a few of my favorite moments over the past week in the midst of another PhD deadline this past Friday...

On Monday, I put Austin down for his nap. All was quiet for about 20 minutes, and I naturally assumed that my boy had quickly fallen asleep after a long morning at preschool. The faint calls of "ma-ma!" "ma-ma!" echoed throughout the house, and I realized that my dreams of a few quiet hours were fading away. His voice crescendo-ed into the loud cries of "MA-MA!"

As I walked into his room, I noticed that he had both socks (inside out) and shoes (on the wrong feet) on. "Austin?"

"Yes, mom?"

"Why did you put your socks and shoes on?"

"Just in case you decide that we should go to the zoo today!"

The zoo? We haven't talked about the zoo, haven't mentioned the zoo, haven't planned on the zoo. But, I guess, he wants to go to the zoo.


On Tuesday, I was Spring cleaning, and found several purses in my closet that haven't been used in quite some time.
The girls in my class would really enjoy playing with these during home center time, I thought to myelf.
I looked through all the pockets, and finding them clean, packed up the purses for the classroom's home living center.
I should have looked more closely!
Somewhere in the secret depths of the purses, I missed some cleaning.
What are these, Mrs. Quesenberry?
asked one of my students as she held a tampon in each hand the next day...
oh, just something for mommies... I explained!


I hope that you have had a wonderful week! I have another paper due this Friday, but I will try to write some in the midst of deadlines!!!

- Emily


Becky said...

oh he is hilarious!!! "just in case you decide we should go to the zoo today"...that's amazing. I"m totally going to use that one at some point this week to hint to somebody what i want :o) love you!

Caroline said...

I'm always interested to read about other women combining academic work & mothering, and wanted to let you know about our book (Mama, PhD, published by Rutgers UP) and blog (

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