Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dancing Flowers and Disneyland

It is 104 degrees here today! Oh, yes 104! I am currently researching moving my family to England where the high is currently in the upper 70s. It is necessary to move as I am also missing High Tea, and who wouldn't want these little flowers dancing in their garden?


We have had a busy few days with some precious friends visiting from Chicago. It was so nice to see Seth and Caralisa and hear about their lives. Today when we got home from school, Austin ran into the guest room and said, "Seth? Caralisa?"

He looked at me with huge eyes. "Mom, where are they?"

"Oh, sweetheart, they had to leave to go the airport today! They are going home."

He put his head in his hands and said, "Mommy, I just miss them so much!"

So, Caralisa and Seth, I guess one day at the mall with my son was all it took to win over his little heart! You did, after all, take him to Disneyland!

*** Austin kept calling the Disney store in the mall disneyland. As we walked out of the store yesterday, he said, "Mom, that was a great trip to Disneyland!"

And the cheapest one too!

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Seth and Caralisa said...

We already miss you guys too! Austin is precious!