Monday, July 6, 2009

More to Come Soon!

This is not a picture of my front door, but when I close my eyes, this is what my front door looks like to me:)

I am home! After a 10 hour flight with no sightings of "Mr. Young Man Sitting Next to Me," I ran into the arms of the two sweetest men around - my 35-year-old and my 3-year-old. I am so glad to be home, and I have some updates from the last three days in England waiting to be posted. They will be exciting and will include: my participation in a parade, a trip around Windsor Castle, and a fainting episode in a graveyard. I know, you can hardly contain yourselves!

Until then, I am playing airplanes with Austin (so much better than sitting on one), enjoying air conditioning, and possibly unpacking (although it is unlikely).

1 comment:

Mom2Drew said...

So glad that you're home. I can't wait for you to post about your participation in the parade. I'm so "PROUD" of you!