Thursday, July 16, 2009

I. Love. You.


Do you know how much I love being with you? I hope that you do! You are the best three-year-old in the world to spend my time with. I love working at a job that allows me to pass you in the hallway, stop both my class and yours, and give you a big kiss! I love seeing you through the window in your classroom while I am on the playground with my class. I loved hearing you yell, "Hey, there's my MOMMY!" through the window today before I even had a chance to look up!

I love picking you up at 12:30 pm and asking you about your day. I love going to the Library with you and laughing at covers of books that you think are funny. I love the way you pull the library rolling stool thingy up and down every aisle with you as if it were more fun than a go-cart.

I love the way you ask for a special treat on a very hot day. I love the way you asked me today to stop at McDonalds for apple dippers. When I told you that McDonalds was on the opposite side of town and maybe we could stop at Burger King instead for "apple fries," I love how you replied, "But mom, I just couldn't do that to McDonald. I love him!"

When I put your down for your nap, I love how you say, "but mommy, I am just not tired!" while yawning so wide that you can barely say the words. I love how you snuggle under your covers, look up at me, and then say, "Well, maybe I'll sleep for one minute, mom. But just one minute, okay?"

I love sitting on the couch listening to you sing to yourself as you use the restroom and wash your hands. I love the fact that right now you are washing your hands singing, "Oh, yeah, I am a cowboy! Yee Haw!" I love the way you make up your own songs.

I love you, I just wanted to tell you today.



The Mrs. said...

emily, i love this post. you are a phenominal mom!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

He seems like such a cool kid :) How fun :)