Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Best Friends

Austin (3) and Andrew (4) are not only cousins, they are very best friends. Last week, Austin and I spent a week out of town. Every day, Austin asked, "Mom, when are we going back to see Andrew?" On Friday, they saw each other for the first time (in a week) at school! Austin was jumping up and down. Andrew ran to his classroom door.

"Are you coming over today?" Andrew asked.

"Sure!" Austin exclaimed, "Or you can come over to my house!"

"Okay!!!" shouted Andrew. "Well, I'll see you soon on the playground!"

The school director says that Austin and Andrew play together every day on the playground - waiting for each other - looking out for one another - just being boys... together.

Yesterday, since it was a school holiday, I decided to take the boys somewhere fun. They chose putt putt golfing.

As they sat on a bench waiting for their turn (the place was packed for President's Day!), the years flashed before my eyes and suddenly I pictured them as little 80 year old men playing golf together.

Perhaps my dad's upcoming bone marrow transplant (Feb. 23) is making me way too nostalgic... but can't you just picture them... eighty years from now - sitting on the bench... holding their golf clubs.


So, Austin, how is that golf swing today?


Oh... just fine... how about yours?


Good... Good. After golf - do you want to grab lunch?

Sure, your house or mine?



Becky said...

awww i love these little guys and miss them dearly :(

Karen said...

Yet another "gift" in this season of life ... to watch those sweet boys get to see each other more often! Glad you got some smiles!