Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grandpa's Five Star Hotel

I just posted an update on my dad's blog and wanted to go ahead and include it here as well.

I was able to visit Dad last night for a few minutes after his bone marrow transplant. He was doing very well (considering all that his body had been through that day)! I took my three-year-old son, Austin, to the hospital for the first time tonight. Since children are not allowed near Dad's room, Austin stayed in the family lounge with Grandma while I visited Grandpa.

As we walked into the family lounge, Austin immediately noticed a game of checkers on the table and a huge t.v. on the wall. Can we watch t.v.? Austin asked Grandma as soon as she walked in the room. "Of course," Grandma said. After my short visit with my Dad, I went to pick up Austin in the family lounge and noticed his tongue was a surprising shade of green.

"Grandma and I found a green ice pop in the freezer!" Austin told me elated.

On the way down to the main lobby, I allowed Austin to push all of the elevator buttons. As we walked out into the parking garage, Austin looked up at me, "Mom, this is an awesome hotel that Grandpa is staying in!"

So, dad, although you might not think so at times, the combination of checkers, t.v., green ice pops and elevator buttons has Austin rating your "hotel" with five stars!

We love you!

Here are some pictures of Dad in his five star hotel.

Adam, Dad, and Emily on Dad's "rest day"

Mom's "suite" for the next three weeks

Dad holding his special gift from Sharon (Adam's wife)

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