Monday, February 22, 2010

Speed Boats - Part 1

This past weekend; James, Austin and I had a wonderful time in the Orlando area. On Saturday, I met the entire, extended Q clan at the Mt. Dora flea market. Immediately after locking my camera in the trunk and walking to the entrance, I realized that I had made a huge mistake. I have no photo evidence of our trip to one of the largest flea markets in America. Wow! I would have had some great pictures! Just imagine Austin and I sipping on lemonade walking among hundreds of aisles of antiques and "special" finds! Even though we didn't buy anything, we had a wonderful family weekend and I cannot wait to go back next year for some awesome photos!

We spent the night at a fun Orlando resort and woke up Sunday morning eager to spend the day together. Austin (as a result of television marketing called commercials) was determined to see Rainforest Cafe, Orlando! Thank you for advertising on Nick Jr. and Sprout. My son was determined that the Rainforest cafe would be filled with toys and treats - especially for him.

What the rainforest cafe did not consider, however, was my son's aversion to any loud noise - as soon as the thunder began - Austin made a bee line for the door. Although we spent a total of 23 seconds within the (very well-advertised) restaurant, these were the first words out of my son's mouth when we dropped him off at preschool this morning,

"Mrs. Songingbird (a close representation of our preschool director's real name - and the term Austin calls her), I GOT TO GO TO THE RAINFOREST CAFE THIS WEEKEND!"

Well done, marketing department. Well done. My son was thrilled over his 23 seconds of time in your restaurant!

After leaving Downtown Disney, James and I decided to spend the day touring D*sney for free. We rode the monorail, the ferry boats, the buses... toured hotels, walked the boardwalk - and thoroughly enjoyed our day! On our honeymoon (almost seven years ago!) James and I rented a small speed boat from the Grand Florid*an Hotel. This is by far one of our favorite honeymoon memories. We decided that it was time for Austin to experience the speed boats.

At the Grand Floridian, we wanted Austin to experience one of our favorite Disney moments - the speed boats.

To Be Continued...


Mom2Drew said...

Wow, he looks like James to me in that picture! And that's so funny about the RF Cafe, that's the first thing he told me when I saw him today, too!

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