Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Growing and Painting Things

In just a few short days, I will begin a new job teaching at a new school (for their summer program). I am absolutely thrilled about teaching again, and my mind is racing with ideas for lessons, crafts, games, and centers!

I love having a four-year-old, Austin is just at the right age now for us to experiment with lesson ideas. By doing a first run with Austin, I can foresee at least some of the unexpected hurdles to any lesson. And... Austin gets some one on one learning and undivided attention. This is a definite win-win situation for us!

So, today, I wanted to do some work with stencils, mixing paint, and talking about stars.


We had a wonderful time painting (Austin hums while he works, and I absolutely love hearing him)! After finishing our project, I asked Austin if he could work quietly by himself for a few minutes while I finished some lesson plans.

Can you tell where I was sitting while planning? Yes, right in the middle of the floor next to the printer!


Can you also tell that I spread out while I work? I have no problem with creating a mess - whether in the playroom or a classroom. You just sometimes have to get messy.

Apparently, Austin feels the same way.

"Mom, can I work with stamps while you do your stuff?" Austin asked.

"Of course, sweetheart. I will just get all the stamp stuff together for you."

"Mom, can I stamp my fingerprint?"

"Sure, baby. That's fine. Mommy's just going to keep working, okay?"

"Mom, can I make a handprint?"

"Of course, buddy."

And then I decided to look up from my work.


Um, Austin, you need to go to the bathroom immediately and wash your hands.

"okay, mom."

A few minutes later I heard a shout from the bathroom.


"Yes, Austin."

"I can't wash my hands in this sink. I have some things growing in here."

Yes, this is my life with my four-year-old.

"Growing???? Austin, did you say something is growing in there?"

Yes, mom.

And, I finally got myself off the floor and decided to help my son wash his hands.

Fortunately, the "growing things" were not fungus or mold. Simply another science experiment that I had forgotten about.


Oh, Austin, with you, the fun just never ends!


Karen said...

oh, that sooooo made me smile ... and wish I was teaching preschool, too!!! Ummmm, or maybe spreading out my projects all over the floor (cause that's what I do, too) with you and Austin.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new summer adventure. Odette