Wednesday, June 9, 2010

He is Swimming (and I might be Sinking)

I am tired. A good tired, but a fall-into-bed-exhausted kind of tired.

On Sunday morning, AJ and I drove down to Beachtown to visit my parents for a few days. Austin had been begging for some play time with his cousin, and I love being at my parents.... so.... after all the birthday parties and fun from Saturday, we woke up early on Sunday morning and drove home!

As soon as we arrived (and my sister got home from church) the boys decided to go SWIMMING! Swimming was the theme of the weekend, and I am so proud to announce that Austin can swim without his wings! Whooo Hoooo. We are so excited for him, and he is very excited for himself. We swam for about two hours (???) and then the boys played inside for awhile. I did a quick grocery store run for my parents and by the time I got home, the boys were back in the pool with grandma!

On Monday afternoon, we all met at the local splash park and the pictures are GREAT! Most of them, however, happen to me on my brother's camera, so more pictures will be coming soon.

Megan at the splash park

Austin at the splash park

On Tuesday morning, Austin and I woke up and then went SWIMMING again with Andrew. The boys have such a great time together, and we were sad to leave on Tuesday afternoon. We drove back to University Town in order for me to make my staff meeting at 5:45 pm. By the time I left staff meeting at 8:45 pm last night, I was exhausted.

Today has been filled with meetings, lesson planning, and working in my summer classroom. Austin stayed with me and helped with bulletin boards today :) Summer school starts first thing Monday morning.

I don't know which is better in this picture. Austin's smile or Andrew's hair? What do you think???

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