Monday, August 11, 2008

Swimming, Swimming, Swimming

We have had a busy few days. I have been collating curriculum for my new teaching job, so my living room floor is covered in worksheets!

In the mornings, I have been balancing my time between my old job (mother's day out) and my new job as a PreK teacher at FBC Denton's Child Development Center. I can't wait to keep you updated about my new class.

In the meantime, Austin has been very busy playing, learning and growing. His new favorite word is SWIMMING! Austin talks about swimming all the time (especially since he has started watching the Olympics with us this week. He wants to swim in his bathtub, swim in Miss Kelsey's pool, and swim in our backyard pool. Tonight when he talked to the grandparents, he wanted to tell them all about swimming.

I haven't had my camera for a few days, so here are some pictures of Austin getting ready for bed tonight. What has my son so captivated? Mickey Mouse? Blue's Clues? Wonder Pets? No, he is watching SWIMMING on tv.

However, he soon noticed that I had my camera out, and my son is not camera shy at all!

Yes, in these pictures, Austin is wearing his dinosaur pajamas, brushing his teeth with his crayola toothbrush, AND....
WEARING MOMMY'S BOOTS! I can't make this stuff up. This is honestly Austin's outfit tonight as he is watching Olympic swimming.

Oh, my precious boy!

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