Tuesday, May 5, 2009


During Austin's first few days of life, he didn't want anything to do with a pacifier. Instead, I think he wanted his first-time parents to truly understand how real the screams of a newborn can be! That boy could scream! Eventually, he began taking a pacifier, and I never looked back!


I love pacifiers, can I just tell you that? Whether it was just to soothe him before bed time or to keep him quiet on a flight to see the grandparents, the pacifier has been such a blessing to our lives.

When Austin turned 2 years old, we made a family decision. the paci would ONLY be allowed in the crib at bedtime. Most books and pediatricians recommend taking away the paci at 2 years old. However, I am a pretty laid back mom, and see no need to fix what isn't broken. My son sleeps for 10-12 hours a night, and if the paci helps him do that, then I will fill his crib! For the last year, he has known, as soon as he hits that pillow, he is allowed to have his pacifier.

With his three-year-old birthday approaching, however, I had to ask myself some difficult questions. Did he really need his paci or was mommy having a hard time letting go of the baby stage? I started preparing him.

Austin, three-year-olds don't use paci's.

Oh, they don't?

No, they don't. So on your three year old birthday, you won't use a paci anymore.

Okay, mom.

The first night without his beloved possession, Austin cried for a total of 3 minutes and then fell asleep. I think my questions were answered. Mom needed it more than he did.

However, yesterady Austin and I were sitting on the couch together when he asked.

Mom, am I two years old or three years old?

Austin, you are three now.

Oh, do three year olds use paci's?

No, sweetheart, three year olds don't use pacis.

Oh... long pause.... Mom?

Yes, sweetheart.

I think that I'm just feeling like a two year old right now.

My sweet boy, there are so many days when your mommy just feels like a two-year-old as well. I want to find comfort in so many things... many things that really only provide temporary comfort.

Tonight we prayed over you before we went to bed, just like we do every night. Tonight, however, we prayed that God would be your comfort. That you would fall asleep quickly without your paci and that you would know how much you are loved.

I think that I will pray the same prayer over myself, sweet boy. I will pray that your mommy would find comfort in Christ alone and that I would get new glimpses into how much I am loved!

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