Friday, May 1, 2009

Smoke and Sprinkles

Almost two weeks!!! Again? I have probably lost all of my blogging friends due to my lack of posting. Well then... mom, I guess that this post is for you!

Things have been busy - deadlines, teaching, a trip to Florida, 3 year old birthday parties, potty training, and much more.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the past two weeks:

- yesterday Austin called his dad at work for the first time. When the secretary answered, I heard him say, "Can I please talk to my da-da?" What a precious moment!

- on Thursday, I asked Austin what he wanted for breakfast. A poptart, mum! was his reply. A poptart? I asked just to make sure that my ever constant indecisive three-year-old had not changed his mind. I need it, mom. They are just so sprinkly!

- for Austin's birthday last weekend, my mom and I took the boys (Austin and his cousin Andrew) to the Florida aquarium. We spent the entire morning looking at sharks, stingrays, alligators, and eerily green eels! At the entrance of one of the exhibits, the aquarium sends smoke coming down from the ceiling to make a grand entrance. This week at school, one of the teachers asked Austin what he did for his birthday. I got to see SMOKE! was his very excited reply.

Sorry, mom, after $60 of admission fees and battling Tampa traffic, my son only remembers that we took him to see smoke for his birthday. Next year, lets buy some dry ice and hang out in your backyard.

I have lots of pictures (on my mom's camera in Florida) and many more stories to tell. In the meantime, I hope that your day is filled with poptarts. After all, we all need a little more sprinkly in our lives, don't we?


SouthAsiaRocks said...

Very cute!! :)

Kim said...

I shared this will my small group Emily and they loved it. We having a running joke that sparkles and sprinkles = automatic fun. Austin confirmed that we are on to something! :)