Sunday, May 31, 2009

Holding Hands and Honoring Great-Grandaddy

I think that this is my favorite picture from our recent trip to Kentucky. We went to celebrate the life of Austin's great grandfather, James William Quesenberry.


After the graveside service, we were walking back up to the precious country church for lunch in the fellowship hall. (We are Baptist afterall!) As we walked, one of Austin's cousins grabbed his hand. What a precious moment.

Austin loved spending time on great-grandaddy's farm, watching animals, riding tractors, and listening to "Mr. Mike" talk about tobacco farming. Mr. Mike was a dear friend of great-grandaddy's and still works the farm. A few days ago, we were singing "Old MacDonald had a Farm" in the car on the way to school. Austin said, "Mom, you know what?" "Old MacDonald doesn't really have a farm, but Mr. Mike does!" Great memory, Austin, and Mr. Mike would be pleased to know what an impression farming made on your life at three.

But even more than Mr. Mike, your great-grandaddy would be so proud of you, Austin. He was a man after God's own heart, and I am so proud of the legacy he left you!


redmaryjanes said...

I love that photo, how priceless.

Alicia said...

Emily - a friend of mine knows Jenny and recently gave me your blog address. This is Alicia, your childhood friend from Clearwater! Is is wonderful to read about your life! I have a blog at and that links to my pics and facebook etc... I would love to hear from you sometime.