Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cooking and Cars

It has been a busy week. In the midst of the regular (teaching, cleaning, cooking dinner, etc.) I have also been trying to work on end of the year scrapbooks for the children in my class, prepare for a prayer conference, and we just got back from Kentucky!

So here are just some recent snapshots of our life right now:

Austin helping me make dinner!

making dinner

Making new window treatments for our kitchen


(fabric and a staple gun!)

and now... getting our car repaired


How in the world does this happen to a car?

We are so thankful that we are all safe:)


Patricia said...

Your little guy is absolutely adorable.

The many hats we wear as mothers huh?


Mom2Drew said...

Holy cow about the car!!! I'm so grateful all of you are safe. Good driving, James!

Love the window treatments. PLease come home and help me - I have a nursery to decorate!!!!!