Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Birthday Parties

Have I told you yet about Austin's love for Birthday parties? In early December, we were invited to a Wiggles' Birthday Party at the Wiggles' Play Place. Oh, yes... "heaven," as James would say.

In fact, if your number is programmed into his phone, my sweet husband probably sent you a text during those two hours... "help me!" is probably what he wrote. Austin, however, loved the day.


Austin has one request of all birthday parties. They MUST have birthday hats. I don't know why, I don't know where this passion came from, but birthdays must have party hats. Trust me, if we go to a birthday without hats, it is the first thing he asks me about when we get in the car.

"Mom, wasn't that a birthday party?" He'll ask.
"Yes, sweetheart." I'll reply.
"Then where were the hats???" He'll ask.

So, just in case you invite us to your child's birthday party... please have hats. Then again, maybe I should just carry party hats in my purse. After all, shouldn't everyday be a birthday party!


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