Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Please Pick Me!!!

As many of you already know, my sister has been actively pursuing a writing career through magazine articles, research, and her blog! For Christmas, I decided that the perfect gift for Mom 2 Drew would be a Blog Makeover. After all, her beautiful words deserved a beautiful background!

I emailed Danielle at Blogs by Danielle and asked if she could make over my sister's blog as a Christmas gift. Little did I know... that very same day, my sister emailed Danielle and asked for a blog makeover herself! What are the chances?

So, today, as I was looking through blogland, I was thrilled to see this:

Danielle does beautiful work, and I really hope that I will win!!!


Amber said...

Em-I hope you win! Danielle is a dream to work with. :) Oh, and Avery's hat is from the children's place...clearance last year.

Mom2Drew said...

Oooh - I hope you win, too! How fun!!! I love the new look of your pictures - how did you do that - I like the borders, too.