Saturday, January 17, 2009


Has it really been five weeks since I last wrote? These have been the shortest and longest five weeks. I have not given up on you, my precious blogspot. I have not retreated to my diary to record my days... no instead, I have fallen into bed exhausted at 8:00 pm most evenings.

Shortly after my last post, I received word that my grandma, my "mama" had a stroke. I quickly found tickets for Austin and I to travel to Florida to say our goodbyes. What was expected to be a short hospital stay for mama, turned into a three week Hospice watch at my parents' home. The three weeks included precious family time, celebrations of Christmas, and even a car accident (everyone is fine); but the most tender moments were simply sitting by my mama's side.

We said goodbye to Mama on January 2nd in the early hours of the morning. Her funeral in South Carolina was a beautiful tribute to her life. I am honored to be her granddaughter.

And so, I hope that I am back... but then again, it might be another 5 weeks.

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