Sunday, June 7, 2009

Three Year Milestones and Memories

Last Friday, we went to the doctor for Austin's three-year-old wellness visit.

He weighs 36 pounds and stands 40 inches tall.

He is in the 90th percentile (or above) for both height and weight.

He is doing great, and we are so pleased at how "under control" his asthma has been this past year.

Another highlight of this trip, NO SHOTS!

As we were walking out of the office through the lobby, Austin said in a very loud voice.

"Well, mom, that was a great visit. It was so nice to meet Dr. Jones today!"

I noticed several other waiting moms start laughing. I told you that he is precocious.

Let's see if he is as happy about "meeting" Dr. Jones at his four-year-old check up which includes four shots! Ouch.

For a picture today, I am going to include a picture from Austin's life when he topped the charts with his weight. Oh, I am serious. You know that normal growth chart? Austin's little dot was soaring "weigh" above it!!! Ha ha!



Since I do not journal, I am listing some things here for me to remember about Austin at three years old. This is a long list... but I wanted to remember things that I think I will never forget.

Austin, these are some of the things about you at three years old.

- You love organizing your trains
- and playing with matchbox cars and cars (our living room looks like a used car lot)
- your favorite show is still Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
- you have a very funny sense of humor, already. Last week on the way to church you saw a blue car and said, "hey mom, that car is dinoco blue!" (from the Cars movie) and then just started laughing out loud repeating "dinoco blue! dinoco blue!"
- you love to listen to music, but whenever I start to sing you ask me to stop. I guess that you know the difference between good music and "mom music"
- you know your ABC's, count to 50 alone, and can tell me what letter a word starts with if I ask you.
- you love to read and to be read to.
- you don't really care to be outside a lot (you say that you are too hot) and you don't like to get your hands dirty.
- you love to pray, but if you make a mistake praying, you start over again. Sometimes it takes us several attempts before your daddy and I finally get to eat dinner or go to bed.
- you don't really like to color, but you love to put stickers on paper or paint.
- you love puzzles, pushing buttons, turning on lights, and closing doors
- you can get your own snacks out of the pantry but are still trying to open that difficult refrigerator door.
- your chores around the house include: helping pick up all your toys, putting away all your bath toys every night, helping me load the dishwasher, and helping me wipe down the tubs. You are very good about taking your plate to the kitchen and throwing away your trash.
- this week you started calling me mommy instead of mama. When I asked you where you learned how to say mommy, you replied, "From daddy. When he calls for you he always says, Ohhhh, Mommy! Oooohhhh, Mommy!"
- you love to go to school and love to talk about your day.
- your favorite class right now is either music or computer. You think that Ms. Rhoda has a great sense of humor.
- your favorite foods include: turkey, bacon, poptarts, and fruit - every single kind of fruit. It is a strange diet. This week for snack time you asked me for two pieces of regular toast (as opposed to???) and some oreo cookies. Instead, you received an orange sliced up and one piece of toast. You did not complain!
- you don't understand why we use a car when we could use an airplane or helicopter instead.

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Sherry said...

love this :-) love the pic too. I always enjoy hearing about his little discoveries and accomplishments. And I am with Austin why DO we drive when we could fly in a plane or a helicopter?? :-)