Sunday, June 28, 2009

Amazing Grace, Amazing Views, and Amazing Lunches:)

Today was our "Baptist Heritage Tour" day in England. I am fascinated by the men and women who came before me in my rich faith. We toured several beautiful churches and I learned fascinating stories of the first Baptists in England. I want to work on my stories and do some more research, so tonight, I will just leave you with some pictures!

This is a picture of the church where John Newton wrote the song "Amazing Grace"


I love the colors in England! I think I will go home and plant more flowers and paint my front door green:)


This is one of the most vibrant and beautiful flowers I have ever seen!


We ate lunch at a park by the river in Bedford.


We enjoyed our tuna and sweet corn sandwiches


and great conversation with friends!


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Christie said...

Jason went on this trip with NOBTS in 2006 and LOVED it. I'm glad that you have a chance to go! Hope you thoroughly enjoy it.