Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Day Between Us

Dear Austin,

I started this blog to record our memories and the special thoughts that I have just for you. Today I called home and I heard you yell in the background, "It's MY MOMMY!" What a joy you are to my heart. I wish that you were here with me today to explore England. Would you like to take a journey with me? Come see my day, sweet boy!

First, we will need to get on the bus. There are plenty of seats, although there are certain members of my cohort that I might warn against sitting next to for a long bus ride to London. (Just kidding:)


I think that you would especially love sitting next to Fred and Heather - as Heather is a first grade teacher and Fred is a firefighter. Since you want to be a firefighter when you grow up, I think that Mr. Fred would be an excellent choice.

*** side story, my co-teacher at school this year, was Ms. Spencer. Since her apt. was so close to our school, Austin and I would pick her up every morning on our way in. As summer school started, Ms. Spencer resigned from her job to look for other work. "Where is Ms. Spencer, today, Mom?" Austin asked as we drove to school. "Well, sweetheart, she has decided to look for another job. She doesn't want to be a school teacher when she grows up." "Oh," said Austin. He paused for a very long time. "Well, then, mom," he said, "She must want to be a firefighter. That is the best job."


When we arrive in London, I will introduce you to my entire PhD family. There are so many children who are missed so deeply by such loving parents in this group. They will love having you along with us for the day, Austin, and I will try to explain to you the history that we will explore.


We will start in the War Rooms - and then it will be time to eat lunch. We will find a nice park to sit and eat.


Perhaps upon the base of a huge tree.


We won't have bacon, pancakes, or any of your favorite foods, but I did bring along a salad sandwich.


After lunch, let's walk over to Westminster Abbey.


You will love all of the beautiful colors, especially in the windows.


Westminster Abbey honors so many leaders who have come before us, Austin. It will be difficult to explain death to you since you are only three, so let's just take a long break in the "College Garden" and drink tea and Capri Sun:) I actually found a Capri Sun in the cafe and drank it just for you:)


After our break, let's take a walk along the Thames River and give you a chance to look at the "rides" - aka. the eye of London.


We will take the bus back to Oxford, eat lamb for dinner, and then crawl up into bed for a good night's sleep. It will be a wonderful day.

Most of all, sweet boy, the trip to Westminster will remind me of legacy and relationships - The legacies of the many men and women buried in Westmister Abbey - and the legacy that I want to leave for you - a legacy of being a Godly mother.


I love you and miss you,



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