Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Teach me about Fire!

I am teaching "summer school" this summer for nine precious five and six-year-olds. On the first day of summer, I asked them to draw pictures on a large poster board indicating what they would like to learn/ do this summer. Here is their list:

- learn how to draw
- make homemade ice cream
- study butterflies
- study turtles
- learn about bears
- learn how to read books (sure, in a summer!)
- learn about the stars and moon
- play chutes and ladders
- have cooking lessons
- learn about pirates
- go on a treasure hunt
- have the following parties: pizza, donuts, and suckers!
- make flowers
- learn about fire!!!
- spin art
- learn how to do sculptures
- learn about monkeys
- have a class pet shop
- work puzzles
- have a water day
- play tic/tac/ toe
- play follow the leader
- play musical chairs!

So, if I don't write for a few days, I am trying to figure out how to teach my five year olds about fire while playing musical chairs and eating doughnuts.

It should be a fun summer!

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Kim said...

You got a lot of great responses - and from only 9 kids!