Sunday, May 23, 2010


Several days ago; Austin, James, and I went to a large store to look at some shoes for J. After we found a good pair, James offered to take Austin to the toy section of the store to browse (while I shopped for myself)! Hallelujah! I was thrilled to have some uninterrupted moments to shop (and even try on clothes in a dressing room without my four-year-old asking,"How much longer, mom?").

About twenty minutes later, I ran into James and Austin in the children's department. James saw my arms loaded down with clothes and asked, "Were you able to find some good things?" I started holding up dress after dress for him to see - however, they were not in my size, they were all in sizes 6-12 months.

"Well, I see that you haven't been shopping for yourself." James noted.

"I can't help myself." I replied. "I have two nieces now, and look at these clothes! These are the cutest clothes that I have ever seen."

And just to prove my point, here are some recent pictures of my niece, Megan, dressed in an outfit that my sister found on consignment! I could just die from all the cuteness.

So, even though on that night I returned all the precious dresses to the rack, I have a feeling that my bank account is never going to be the same.




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A.M. Mama said...

aw.... I love these pictures! And the story. I find myself shopping a whole lot more for Miss M and a whole lot less for me these days, too! You know, they say parenting is selfless... I'm sure shopping is what they were talking about!