Thursday, May 20, 2010

Life doesn't get better than a Lollipop Tree!

I just found these pictures on my camera and wanted to share them!

Last Friday, we were in University Town (our new hometown) and we attended a school carnival! My sister-in-law, Kendra, is a fourth grade teacher at a local elementary school. She invited us to the school carnival to take place on Friday afternoon. All day long, Austin talked about the Festiball (his pronunciation of festival).

"When are we going to the school festi-ball, Mom?"

We finally arrived at the school to find Austin's Aunt Kendra standing at her booth, the lollipop tree. Needless to say, Austin was thrilled and our pockets were soon filled with lollipops and prizes won at each and every booth.


Before long, however, Austin found his true love - the Snocone (also spelled Snow cone or sno cone- I only know this information because I just googled how to spell snocone).


Tonight, as I was found this picture on my computer, Austin looked over my shoulder and said. "Oh, mom. I really need a snocone. RIGHT NOW!"

The carnival was the perfect time to get a picture with my sister-in-law.

Emily and Kendra

And all the Q girls.

Emily, Kendra, and Mom Q

We had a wonderful time meeting Kendra's co-workers - and her precious school children. We can't wait for more school festivals!

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