Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

We have all had a wonderful Mother's Day together!

This picture will give evidence to the fact that I am truly my mother's daughter.


If you know me well, there is little doubt in your mind about how much I love and respect my mom! I know that I can talk to her about anything, ask her advice about everything, and trust her beyond comprehension. When I wanted to redecorate my home, my mom was the first person I called. She bought me my first table saw, taught me how to use it, and then helped me renovate my entire house. Soon, my friends were calling asking me if I could ask my mom how to...

When Austin was born, a series of traumatic moments led to an unexpected c-section. My mom stood by my side throughout the ordeal and for (almost the entire) six weeks following. I felt such anxiety about having a newborn at the time, that I remember thinking, "I guess my mom will just have to raise Austin until he is 16, and then I will take him back!" I am proud to say that I was able to handle a newborn, but not without much advice and encouragement from my mom.

The deepest imprints my mom has left upon my life have little to do with big events, however. Growing up, I remember finding mom on the back porch - drinking her coffee and reading her Bible. It was the quiet moments when she sat writing thank you notes that impressed my heart more than the grandest moments of watching her paint in front of a crowd of hundreds. There is no doubt my mom is a very gifted artist, but more than her skill, my mom sincerely desires to be a Godly woman.

Her Bible carries a list of names, and as I once looked over the list, I noticed that it was a list of people she met at church. She didn't want to forget the names of those she shook hands with on Sunday morning. Over the past few months during Dad's hospitalization, mom kept a running list of every nurse who served Dad. She jotted notes to remember some of their likes, interests, or conversations. She is going to be so embarrassed that I even noticed such a thing - much less wrote about it on my blog. However, unlike others, my blog is for the next generation. I pray that these notes will serve as a testimony to Austin someday of his family... His Faith... His Life. I want him to know his grandparents.

And of all the things that my mom loves, perhaps she loves nothing more than being a grandma!


Mom, I love you so much. I hope that you know how blessed we feel to have been selected to be your children and grandchildren.



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Karen said...

You ARE your mother's daughter ... in more than appearance and Austin may not yet say it as eloquently as you do ... but he also rises up to call you blessed! Love you dear friend!