Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Tale of Two Cities

I often catch my friends by surprise.

"Do you want to get the kids together for swimming this week?"

"I would LOVE that, but I am out of town this week... how about next week?"

So, just to keep everyone advised, I am at my parents for the entire week:)

Austin and I continue to "live" between two cities, and this has been the perfect blend for our family during this time. As we have made the transition to a new city, we continue to return to my parents' home as much as possible.

A scheduled business trip for James allowed us to plan for an entire week with my parents. I was thrilled that it just so happened to coincide with the last week of school at the preschool Austin has been attending since September. I wanted to give him a chance to play with his friends, say goodbye to his teachers, and attend the preschool picnic on the last day of school! So... even when James' work canceled his plans to be out of town, Austin and I still decided to make the trip.

I feel like I am taking one last great vacation before I begin a new job for the summer. Austin and I swim every day, enjoy time with my parents, and I am definitely planning some beach time at some point this week.

I am so thrilled that we were able to be home TODAY! Today, my dad returned to work! He had one mediation scheduled on the books for the last six months (or so), and this was the mediation we set our minds toward. The goal. Can dad recover enough to start mediating once again? Will he be too weak on May 18th? Will he have to cancel? Will he faint?

The house hummed this morning, as we all got ready for school (and WORK!) and before I left to take Austin to his school, I asked dad to go into the front yard for pictures. Oh, yes, just like the first day of school, my dad had to stand in the front of the house and smile for pictures - we needed to commemorate this day - his first day back at work!

(picture to come soon!)

So, as Austin attends his last days of preschool for the year... my dad goes back to his first days. I am so proud of them both.

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Karen said...

Loved that update! Lots of great firsts ... and lasts! Who would have known ... but our wonderful God what May 18th would look like in your lives!! :-) Enjoy being "home" ... wish I was there to enjoy the beach with you!! love you!!!