Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Beautiful Day

Yesterday morning, I went into my dad's office for a few hours to get some work done. it was a beautiful morning, and I was thankful for some quiet time alone in prayer and Bible study.

The start of a beautiful day.

By noon, I had Megan, Andrew, and Austin all in the backseat of my sister's car (my Honda won't hold all three car seats) on our way to lunch.

"I want McDonald's" said Austin (in full excitement) when I told the boys they could pick our lunch destination for the day.

"Well, I want Chick-fil-A." Andrew said - just as excited.

And then it began...


"No, Chick-fil-A"

"No! McDonald's"


Until I just decided to break in. "Okay, guys, this is the way I see it. Chick-fil-A has much better food, but McDonald's has much better toys. So, which will it be... better food or better toys?

And within seconds we were on our way to McDonald's.

We drove to Grandma and Grandpa's house, and by 1:00 pm, the boys were fed, Megan was fed, Megan was sound asleep, and the boys were happily playing together with matchbox cars while watching a movie.

I decided to get some housework done and even spent some time outside vaccuming the pool. "Wow, I thought to myself. What an absolutely beautiful day. Three kids isn't so bad. I could have more kids. I have this in the bag."

And you can probably tell where this blog post is going...

Since Jenny offered to spend the afternoon with Mom and Dad at the hospital, I thought through my afternoon options.

"Boys, how would you like to spend the afternoon at the beach?" I asked.

"Let's go NOW!!!" they screamed! and within the next hour we were packed, dressed, and ready for an afternoon at the beach playground.

It was an absolutely beautiful afternoon at the beach...




AND THEN... It was time to go.

The rest of this post is dedicated to my sister and maintains the form of her recent post here...

Promise the boys italian ice for being so good at the beach.
Get two boys into car.
They are both mad about having to leave beach playground.
Tell them to stop complaining or we will not be able to come back to beach.
Get Megan out of stroller.
Put Megan in car seat that has one two many buckles and straps.
Put stroller in trunk that is 20 pounds too heavy.
Help Andrew buckle seat belt.
Did it wrong.
Do it again.
He yells that He can do it himself.
Austin screams because Andrew yelled.
Tell Austin that we are not getting Italian ice due to his screaming.
Austin starts crying hysterically.
Megan starts crying.
Try to find Megan's pacifier.
It is missing.
Buckle them all in anyway and decide to let them all cry themselves to sleep.
Look at my cell phone.
Missed seven texts from James.
Can't text him back. Driving.
Can't call him back. Screaming.
Austin stops crying.
Pleads his case for italian ice.
It is actually a good argument.
Megan continues screaming.
No paci to be found.
Pull into italian ice store.
Pull car over to call James.
Hear seat belts start to unbuckle.
Car steering wheel is locked.
Can't get car in park.
Take foot slowly off break.
Car starts going in reverse.
Dash board is flashing "theft."
Cannot remove keys.
Finally get car in park.
Tell the boys to stay in their seats.
Try to call James. No answer.


Climb into backseat.
search for paci.
Megan screaming.
Lift Megan out of seat.
Find paci.
Realize the keys are missing.
Can't find keys.
Beg both boys to search car to help me find keys.
FINALLY find keys.
Megan still crying.
Don't know why.
Tell boys to stop climbing in the front seat.
Strongly encourage boys to get in back seat.
Lose patience and tell boys to get in back seat or no italian ice.
Andrew can't find his seatbelt.
Climb over Austin to help him find it.
Look at Austin directly in eyes.
Finally get Andrew buckled.
Andrew tells me I did it wrong.
Look at Andrew directly in the eyes.
Say for the first time to a child, "Are you kidding me?"
Buckle Andrew's seat belt correctly.
Buckle Austin's seat belt.
Get in car.
Drive into line for italian ice.
Read menu to kids.
Pick up phone to call James again.
Phone says, "Jennifer... TIME 6:05"
Put phone to ear.
Hear my sister laughing.
Realization sets in.
"Have you been listening for the last six minutes?" I ask in shame.
Jenny laughing.
"I couldn't stop, she says... it was like a bad soap opera."
Realize I had my own form of nanny cam for the worst six minutes of parenting I've had recently.

Wonder if I will ever be allowed to babysit again.
Yet, it was still... a beautiful day.


Sharon said...

Emily, I can't stop laughing! You definitely had a day didn't you? Thanks for sharing your day.

Mom2Drew said...


I'm STILL laughing about it. And just for the record (even though I've encouraged you several times already about it), you in your "worst" parenting moments are better than I usually am in my "best" parenting moments. And that's the truth...

Your eavesdropping sister

Two Shades of Pink said...

I just read your Dad's post and now yours. Both made me laugh. Still laughing....

Karen said...

oh my goodness ... so much enjoying the laugh! Bet you are laughing about it ... TODAY!! SuperWoman's got nothing on YOU!!! Glad to see your Dad's back, too! His blog was equally funny! Love those Bugg Blogs!! Hmmm ... love those Buggs/Q's!!

Anonymous said...

Emily love your post are so brave to take three kids to the beach continue to give me a good laugh esp after a busy day at work..Marilyn

michellenotdawn said...

Seriously, that was awesome. So glad to know I'm not the only one with days like that!

Thanks for your refreshing honesty.

Michelle (Clancy) Rutherford

DT Boy said...

OMG! That is so awesome!! Hahahaha.

pazza innamorata said...

hi!!! i don't know you i'm from italy but you child are beautiful...