Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Uncle Adam!

A few days ago, the "Bugg" children and grandchildren gathered to celebrate my brother, Adam's, 29th birthday!




I am honored to be your "big" sister. I love spending time with you, Sharon, and Avery. I am so glad to be back in Florida. You remind me so much of Dad through your humor and decision making. You always seem to be able to look at a situation with wisdom rather than emotion - bringing a sense of reality to the world's drama. You handle yourself with dignity even in the midst of difficult situations. Thank you for being so loyal as a son to mom and dad during these days of dad's hospitalization. As their only son, I know that they are looking to you in new ways to help care for dad that are difficult. You have risen to the challenge and you have wisdom beyond your 29 years.

I know that it was not always (if ever) easy to have two older sisters. Jenny and I were occasionally mean (i.e. giving you the number for the weather station rather than for mom and dad while we were babysitting you). However, I think that you repaid me well the time you lit fireworks in the bathroom while I was babysitting! In the midst of being dressed up in our play clothes and forced to act in our childhood plays, you grew up to be a man, and you stand with strength in the midst of great trial.

Even as a young boy, you were able to connect with other children in a rare and special way. We always wanted you to help when we had nursery duty at church. Younger children loved your playfulness and laugh. Your nephews are testimony to your unique ability to still connect with children. Austin and Andrew both love you (and your Wii). You are an amazing father, and I am so excited to watch as Avery grows into a young woman.

I love having a brother who understands my random quotes from "Friends" and shares so many mutual memories. I will never forget holding fireplace pokers in our laps in Colorado in case we were burglarized... or the time you sat on the floor of the car during a long drive (I am so sorry about that)!!!

I once wrote a nice blog post about our sister, Jenny. You called her to ask her if "she was dying" - due to the tribute I posted. I just think that occasionally it is nice to write down the things that we are never quite able to put into words. And I am honored to be your "big" sister. I love you. Happy Birthday!

Megan is ready to start eating food! In this photo, she is staring down Austin's chocolate cupcake!



Mom2Drew said...

Whew! Glad for the disclaimed that Adam's fine... still it's a great post and I know he'll appreciate it. I love some of the references you made. Poor Adam. Remember how mom used to remind us that one day, Adam would be over 6 foot tall and we'd better be nice to him!? Wise words...

Anonymous said...

I loved this post of Adam...I am learning more and more about our son-in-law and really made me laugh. Am sure DJ could agree with Adam as it sounds like your girls acted the same way as Sharon did with her siblings when she was watching MTV(which we wouldn't let her watch) when she babysat and making them clean the house ..ha ha maybe that is why you all get along so well with her...Adam is such a wonderful hubby and dad and am glad Sharon found him...

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