Friday, March 5, 2010

Not Forever!

It was a typical morning in the third grade. I was busy planning my Friday Show and Tell and learning my multiplication tables. I sat next to a friend named Angela, and on this particular third grade morning, I noticed that Angela kept looking at her arms.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as I leaned across the row to her desk.

“I am making sure that I don’t have Fifth Disease.” She responded very seriously.

“Fifth Disease??? What is fifth disease?” I whispered while our teacher continued the fours tables.

“It is a very serious disease. You get a rash all over your arms and they will kick you out of school… forever.” Angela dramatically replied.

I remember this day in third grade so vividly because all of my friends and I spent our entire outside playground time studying ever single red bump on our arms. Could we have fifth disease – the dreaded disease that would cause us to get kicked out of school… forever?

I am pleased to report that none of us were diagnosed that day and life in third grade continued as normal.

Fast forward approximately 25 years.

Two days ago I noticed that Austin’s cheeks were a little flushed. By last night, his face looked inflamed and a bright red rash was starting to spread down his arms. I immediately began “googling” the words “rash on toddlers cheeks.”


The first words on the screen took my breath away. “Fifth Disease!”

I immediately became an insecure eight-year-old once again. “Oh no! He is going to be very sick and kicked out of school… forever!”

After a trip to our pediatrician this morning, I am sad to report that Austin does indeed have Fifth disease, but am happy to report that he is completely fine.


In a few days (possibly weeks) the rash should completely disappear, Austin has no other symptoms and isn’t even itchy. And in my humble opinion, he is rather enjoying the extra attention and popsicles mommy is allowing.


We still might be a little contagious, so we will stay around the house for now… but I promise… not forever!

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SouthAsiaRocks said...

Poor little guy!! That Popsicle looks yummy though!!!