Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Help Needed... Perhaps simply because I would spend my time blogging about such an issue...

*** This post has been heavily requested by several of my readers. (Okay, two of my closest girlfriends asked to see pictures of my new cut, but whatever...) With all of the serious events of the past year, I need to just sit and talk about something trivial - something like my hair!


I need to talk... and since most of you now live far away, let's talk about it right here on this "mommy blog."

I need to talk about hair!

Last Tuesday, I finally got my hair cut. As women, we understand how important a haircut can make us feel. Feeling a little sporty? How about a cute ponytail? Sassy? What about a short bob that bounces when you walk? Tired? Let's just throw on a hat - or my trick... a headband AND a ponytail. (For some reason, I feel that a headband + ponytail distracts you from noticing that I haven't washed my hair that day... or two days). Cutesy? I have seen some of you pull off some very cute pigtails.

I was feeling sassy (I suppose) and asked my hairdresser for a cute bob cut... a cut that I had noticed on an adorable mom at the baseball fields a few nights earlier.

It's not terrible, but it is short. And, it has eliminated my classic "part on the side and pull everything else back into a ponytail" option.

Exibit A: Taken two weeks ago.


And here is the new cut:


Please ignore the cheesy ""smile at yourself in a mirror while taking a picture look" - and the no makeup look.

It's not bad - right? But, I have an issue with it. I am not a "one side of hair hanging in your face" kind of girl. I have a three-year-old. I spend my time on the floor playing with matchbox cars. I climb over children in the backseat to buckle seatbelts and find pacifiers (see today's earlier post). I need my hair back and out of my face.

So, for the past eight days, I have been pulling that long side back in a clip:

Exhibit B:


Again, not too bad. With appropriate facial expressions and makeup - I could get away with this look.

So, I decided to put on some makeup and ask Austin to take my picture. He gladly obliged, and this photo gives full evidence to my current issue.

Exhibit C:


By the time I put on my makeup (that is all I did!) My hair was completely flat!

Girls, I lived in Texas for ten years! This is not acceptable.

So, I immediately went back into my bathroom and grabbed my hairspray (hey, it worked on my bangs in the '80s). I spent some time poofing and fluffing.


Spent another few minutes trying to perfect my smile in the mirror look.


(none of which were successful)

Finally just tucked my hair behind my ears...


and actually tried to do something productive with my day.

Why is it so hard to be a woman sometimes???

What do you use to give volume to your hair??? Especially living in Florida???

Okay, I am going to go to bed NOW! After all, with this new haircut, I am going to have to wake up extra early to poof and fluff...


Becky said...

Em I loved this post and love the new do! Maybe because it looks just like mine recently esp since I pull my bangs back everyday since they are growing out and won't do anything but sit there and stare at me.

Miss you sweet lady!!!
Love ya!

Karen said...

oh my goodness! I think you are so stinkin' adoreable ... in the so cute, I don't know if I can be your friend because you're so cute kind of way!! You know, we all know what that is!!! I LOVE all the looks ... even the behind the ears look is cute!! That's not at all what I expected after your trauma over the cut! And I've got flat hair today, too ... so if you find the right product, I'll split a case with you!! Love, love you and the new "do"

Heather said...

I love it!
If you want it "poofy", then if you put moose (sp?) on the roots-- no, they didn't stop making it in the 80's-- and blow dry the roots up, then it'll give it the "poof" you want.
It is a REALLY cute cut on you!

Sherry said...

I LOVE the new haircut!! It is sassy and cute...and you got the whole accessory and changing things up down :-)

Sherry said...

Okay I hit publish before I was done: Here's some humidity proof hair holding tips: if you can find the Got 2Be line at a Walgreens, Rite Aid or CVS etc. They have root volumizing Mousse and a hard holding hairspray (yellow can). Try that and a great round brush and then if you can splurge grab some spray and play harder hairspray by hair sexy and their root pump plus mousse; :-) red can. I used this stuff in Houston humidity and it did great; Its a bit more expensive but it does last a long while;