Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Mom to a Boy

I will be honest.

It is very hard to get a good, focused picture of the boys these days. At almost 4 and 5 years old - Austin and Andrew spend their days at full speed.







They do everything at full speed, and they love to do everything together.

I want to be faithful to my calling - my calling as a mother to a boy! I want to instill in him character, integrity, passion, and a love for Christ. As I watch him run, and jump, and play... I realize that I get to play a role in the man he is becoming. I get to play a part of this "brotherhood" that Austin will have with other men.

I cannot help but think of the Biblical characters of David and Jonathan as I watch Austin and Andrew play. I think of a friendship that promotes deep love. Sacrificial love. I watch the tears that flow from Austin's face as I put him in my car to go home for the night. "I just want to keep playing with my cousin, mom..." He will cry. "I just love him so much."

And even though we won't always live fifteen minutes apart, I want to foster that bond between Austin and his cousin. My prayer is that someday Austin will feel comfortable being accountable, being Godly, being a man of character among other young men.

I have watched as my husband's relationships with other Godly men has been a lifeline during a difficult nine months. In the midst of poor personal decisions, James' two best friends (the two men who stood by his side on our wedding day as best men) have now - (seven years later) stood up to provide encouragement, accountability, and even work! They have been Godly men of character providing relief and friendship to my husband during very difficult days. I am so thankful for John and Kevin.

And as I think, I realize that I was(am) honored to know both John and Kevin's moms. Looking at the lives of these incredible women of faith, it is little wonder that John and Kevin grew into such compassionate and honorable men. And then I think... I get to play a role in this brotherhood. I get to be a mom to a boy! I get to have a son!

As Austin and Andrew run, and jump, and play (too quickly for me to even get a good picture), I pray that I will be a mother who fosters growth... in every area of my precious son's life.

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