Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, dear Truxton

The Birthday Parties have begun!

"This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!"

Some days are easier to "be glad" than others! I love birthdays. Absolutely LOVE birthdays! I believe that the entire month should be spent celebrating a person's birthday - especially mine:) After having been through the experience of birth, I now take birthdays even more seriously. There needs to be cake - a big cake! There needs to be presents... and there should be a party to celebrate that precious life that God has created and sustained.

So, when we received two birthday invitations for this weekend, I was thrilled! I know my limitations and my son's limitations, however, so we only said Yes to one of the parties!

Below are some pictures of Austin at Denton's version of a bounce house party place.

We were surrounded by bounce houses, bounce slides, bounce fire houses, bounce pirate ships, etc. etc., and Austin decided he wanted to ride a tractor for the first hour of the party!

Austin on a tractor

Hour 2 of the party, Austin finally decides to try a bounce house - look at the pride on his face for conquering his fears! Good job, buddy!

Singing Happy Birthday to Truxton

Drinking juice and wearing that precious party hat!

When we got home, I asked Austin to tell his daddy about the party. This video shows his response!

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mom2drew said...

Woo! I LOVE IT! Even cuter on video than over the phone. He is TOOO Cute! Now, I can hardly wait until we see you next weekend.