Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Thoughts!

I haven't updated my blog in several days. I have oodles of pictures just sitting on my camera - but my camera is in my car, and I am in bed. Yes, bed! On Saturday, I came down with a fever and today I am still in bed. I can't talk! I have completely lost my voice...

Yesterday, I was so frustrated with feeling rotten, that I walked into the kitchen with tears rolling down my cheeks. Austin (who was attempting to open the refrigerator doors by himself) looked up at me and saw my tears. I squatted down so I was at face level and he said,
"mama, don't cry!" Be SO Happy!"

I think that he has overheard me tell the story several times that my favorite words of his are "I'm so Happy!"

So, today as I lay in bed, I can't talk, but I can write - and write I will, and I will think about all the reasons that I have to be SO Happy! After all, I have a little one listening to everything that I say!

So, here are some of my favorite pictures of all time. We were living in a tiny (900 sq. ft) apartment. I had my couch pushed in front of the fireplace so we would actually have room to move (breaking ALL decorating rules), but we were having so much fun.

How can you not love a baby dressed up as a dog!

Enjoy, and today make the decision to be Oh, SO happy!

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DT Boy said...

Very Cure pictures.

Aiden started preschool this week. OMG!!!! He loves his school so that is nice.